Unlike what happens in the contemporary world, in the ancient societies, social, religious and political spheres were strongly united.

It’s absolutely fascinating visiting this exceptional archaeological exhibition, to underline how the ritual through design has taken on the appearance of a cultural artifact.

From this prospective design becomes on the one hand an expression of the manual skill of artisan techniques increasingly refined and on the other expression of immaterial and symbolic aspects that give meaning and belonging.

Funerary stems, incense burners, jewelry inserted in the form of Al Rajajil stones, made of polycarbonate and illuminated like a lantern, certainly become the reason for telling moments of prehistory and history in their most intimate form: man through the production of objects of the earth try to get in touch with the sky.

The visitor comes into contact and participates in an enigmatic rite.

The body of the polycarbonate stems is the symbol of the search for the Immanent.

The enormous statues are the man with the appearance of God.

The lion’s head is the symbol of otherworldly power.

Child’s mask luxury a religious elevation.

The perfume is the spice that raises to heaven and whose fumes envelop the sacred rites.

The perfume of the ancient roads of Arabia inspired the concept design made by Fondazione Alda Fendi.

All images courtesy of Klinamen.